July 5-11, 2015: We are Jesuits | Somos Jesuitas - Vocation Immersion on the border in El Paso, TX
Come spend a week immersed in prayer, service and community with Jesuits in El Paso. Click Contact Us and request more information!
July 24-26, 2015: Discernment Retreat Weekend
Contemplating the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. (Baltimore, MD)
July 26, 2015: For men in discernment
Meeting of men who are discerning about the Jesuits. At LMU in Los Angeles, CA, from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.
Aug. 8, 2015. First Vows
Witness the profession of First Vows by the second year novices at St. Thomas More Church. St. Paul, MN, USA
August 30, 2015: For men in discernment
Meeting of men who are discerning about the Jesuits. At SCU in Santa Clara, from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM.
Sept. 25-27, 2015: Discernment Retreat Weekend
For men at all stages of discernment. Campion Renewal Center, Weston, MA.

Family + Friends

Who are the Jesuits? What kind of life is my son, brother or friend considering? FAQs, links and resources for family and friends.

¿Quién son las jesuitas? ¿Qué clase de vida mi hijo, hermano o amigo está considerando? Recursos para la familia y los amigos.
Digital Library
Written resources, including histories of the Jesuits, Jesuit spiritual writing, and contemporary reports from the global Jesuit community.
Vocation promotion strategies for Jesuits and lay people. "Every Jesuit apostolate should be a promoter of vocations.” Adolfo Nicolás, SJ
Print Ready
Downloadable, print-ready templates of posters, brochures, prayer cards and pamphlets.
The Challenge
The Challenge
The Call
The Life
The Lowdown
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